Saturday outin’

I attended a photograph meetup today called “Atlanta Street alive”.
Photographic meetups are the best way to see a place. These are the places which you will hardly go to visit as a tourist. These are this regular places in the city but has tons of opportunity to get good pictures.
If you are the photographer or even learning photography like me, finding a company to go and take pictures is very difficult.
As a photo enthusiast you want that perfect picture, so you end up taking the picture of same object again, again and well again and no matter how good your friend is, he/she will be like dude how many photos do you really need of a stone …
duh.. i am looking for the perfect picture. Trust me no one but only a photographer will understand this.

So guys if you are a photo enthusiast, go to internet search for the photography meetup near your area. The site is
You can login by creating your profile, search for the photography groups and then join the group. Well there are tons of various other meetup but as we are talking about photography and travel we will stick to that.

I was quite free this weekend and searching for things to do and came upon the meetup group to see “Atlanta Street Live”. It is a very unique concept and hope most of the cities around the world follow it. You can check out a site –

20160417_144822what exactly happens- a stretch of road is blocked from motorized vehicle. everyone is only on foot, bicycle or skates. The streets have live music, free food and drink distribution by the neighbors, food trucks and fun tricks. This is a completely residential block. You will see lots of children playing fearlessly on the road and tons of people on bicycle and foot.

well but it was a little disaster for me, As they say if something has to go wrong it will. I charged my camera batteries, cleaned the lens as i was really taking it out after a long long time and was ready with everything.

With so much of bicycles on the road, this was best opportunity for me to perfect my panning. I get my camera out and start shooting hmmm well something is wrong. It wont just click and then surprise…surprise i left my camera battery at home :-(. This is definitely going into my “what not do” check list. CHECK YOUR CAMERA BATTERY and take a spare one too.

well so i took my smartphone and took the pictures after all.. but hey i am still kicking myself.

so tell me did you ever had such disappointments and what did you do?


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