Cuff Me by Lauren Layne review

Cuff Me-LLRating – 4/5; genre- Contemporary Romance

Theme – Friends to lovers/ funny secondary characters

loved this book. It was in my to-read list for sometime now.
I have read all the books of lauren layne and they are all fun read so it was no surprise that this one too was a complete fun.

This is

the only book i read in the series and will go back and read others.

Vin the Hero is a detective in NY. He is this silent type, unfeeling..not because something happened in past but it is ..he is just like that though coming from a big family who all are all loud at least in this book.
Jill on the other hand is really sassy, friendly, keeps the heart on her sleeve kind of a person. She is in love with Vin but wants Vin to say that first..dont we all girls.

She is this tough detective outside, but really girly inside wants a big white wedding, candle light dates and flowers.

The story starts when Jill comes back after a 3 month personal time ( her mom was not well) engaged to this really cute, millionaire guy. Vincent is suddenly uncomfortable however doesnt realize the reason he is upset is because he loves Jill though his whole family knows and says the same.
Jill on the other hand is tired of waiting for vincent and wants to get married and have all the shenanigans of getting marriage.

I am not going to spoil the fun of reading for everyone by giving the story out.

What I liked about the story is, it felt very real. You can really picture jill and vincent. the circumstance felt so true. Vin loves Jill but he cant say anything thinking she is getting married to this really nice guy so he pretends he is happy for her but is very upset because he cant pretend anymore.. do you get what i am saying.

it is like this simple story yet really funny and enjoyable.
Recommend to all who love lauren layne writing and to all those who have not read any book of her.. just try you will not be disappointed if you like a chick flick.


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