Sidebarred by Emma Chase review

SidebarredRating – 5/5; genre- contemporary romance

Witty dialog /lots of children/Bossy Hero and Bossier heroine

I read sustained sometime back and louvvvvvvvved the book. Every character in the book was little too quirky, little too cute, too noisy, too smart and just perfect.

So when i saw that there was a novella coming up it was just AWWWWWWWWWWESOME.

The best thing i like about Emma chase’s book is the writing style. It feels like the characters are having a conversation with you rather than you reading about something which gets you completely involved in the characters.

Also the books are written mainly from male point of view which is very very interesting and so much fun.

coming back to Sidebarred, it starts from where “Sustained” ends which is Jake and chelsea gets married.

Sidebarred start with Jake, chelsea and childrens, 6 of them YES 6 awesome monsters settled blissfully and happy. Jake and chelsea are going to have a baby and the story revolves around that with all the quirkness of the family. You also get a nice surprise on the last chapter.

Read it … you will love it as I did.


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