Review- A Virgin for Vasquez by Cathy Williams

28815806Rating – 3/5; genre- Romance

Theme- Second Chance/ Rags to Rich/ Revenge

I received the eBook in exchange for an honest review from publisher from

This book has all the themes- second chance romance; Rags to rich and revenge which i love in a romantic book. So this should have been a book i loved,

well not so much.

Don’t get me wrong I did like this book.It is was a short read and i completed it in one sitting over the weekend. I liked writing style in this book and Javier’s character was really great to read. did i tell you, I am little biased towards self made billionaires.

Javier Vasquez the hero is this self made billionaire with model like face and a body to die for. Sophie griffin the heroine is widow now and well penniless.
Javier and Sophie met each other in college but before they could have a happy ever after they were separated.
And now years later Javier wants revenge on Sophie for leaving him. A very common premise in HP land.

Somehow this book didn’t really engage me, i found Sophie too fickle and the whole mystery of why she left Javier just didn’t have much drama for me which HP’s are famous for.
However I do recommend this book, if you are die hard fan of Harlequin present and have some time.


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