Review: Fooling Around by Noelle Adams

51GmeElCj2L._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_Rating 4.5/5; genre – Romance

Theme- Opposites Attract

Two most opposite character yet so similar.

“i wonder if we’re really as different as we seem. We’re just two sides of the same coin. you don’t know how to make things easy on yourself, and i don’t know how to make things hard”.This line from the books just says it so right.

Fooling Around might just seem the perfect name for this book. I completed the book in one sitting and read till 2:00AM. Well that does show how much i loved the book.

Sassy heroine who gives back as hard as she gets. An arrogant hero just believes everything has a price, you just need to know how much.

well this is how the story starts. However as you go through the pages slowly Julie and Eric unveils.

Julie has given everything up, her career, her studies even her life for the last 6 six years to look after her parents without a shred of regret.She is still this happy and witty person.

Eric has everything money can buy and yet all his money cant buy what re really needs and that makes a super arrogant person.

Eric employs Julie to look after him and help him recuperate from fractured leg. This is the story of Julie and Eric. How they come to know each other, depend on each other and finally need each other.

It has quite a simple story-line with some fun dialogues. You laugh at the bantering between and Julie and Eric. You also feel sad for Eric and Julie.

I recommend this book to all who love romance which are not “love at first sight” but “fall in love as you know each other”.

I received the eBook in exchange for an honest review from publisher from


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