Review: At last by Barbara Bretton

21742680Rating -5/5; genre – Romance

small town, childhood love, feuding families and secrets.

All the necessary ingredients for a poignant romantic story. I just devoured it. The booked hooked me from start to end. The only complaint i have that it got over.
This is the first Barbara Bretton book i read and it is not going to be the last.

I loved everything about this book, The storyline, writing style, well developed main characters and the secondary characters. It even had a very capturing prologue. The story is written from both hero and heroine perspective which i simply love.

The story starts when Gracie and Noah are 5 years old. And you know that they will fall in love and breakup eventually because the prologue tells you that Gracie not only left town but also Noah on her wedding day.
So there is a this mystery created by the author which you want to explore and continue reading.

You do expect the outcome but i loved the way the story opens the mystery slowly layer by layer. And in spite of the expecting the outcome i was thoroughly surprised and enjoyed the narration.

About the story now. Gracie Taylor is poor kid whose father is alcoholic. She is raised by her Grandmother who is cook at Noah Chase house. Noah’s father literally owns the small town Idle point where the story begin.
Slowly the kids realize there is enmity between the family. The question is why? Read the book to get the answer.

Noah is sent to boarding school for rich and Gracie studies in the town school. She is bright, intelligent, hardworking and ambitious and wants to be a vet. Noah on the other hand is doing everything wrong getting bad grades and doesn’t care. Both meet again when they are teens and fall in love.
this is when story takes a expected turn and both young lovers are separated. Though expected you will like the way it happens. I did a lot.

They meet again 8 years later, more matured and still very much in love. Noah is back in town with her daughter to looks after the family business and Gracie is back to attend her now sober father’s wedding.

I liked the way they meet after 8 years. It is one of the best scene i have read in a romantic books. Finally with all secrets open Gracie and Noah live happily ever after.

If you like a small town, feuding family mystery, second chance romantic book, then this is for you.


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