5 ways to get books FREE

Read for free yes FREE, No this is not a advertisement, it is Fact.

You can read books for free or almost free nowadays legally. Read along and i will tell you how you can get books for free or get them as good as free and all in legal way. No piracy here.

However let me also say, that if you love reading you should buy books. It is a treasure. There have been so many times i have come across books while cleaning which were hidden behind the closets or lying in a pile and when you start flipping through the pages you remember all the wonderful time back in past. It is like going through old photo albums. you just leave everything and start going through the book because you remembered that special scene or the ohh so romantic dialog.

So here are someways you can get books for free-

1. Bookbub is a site for all book lovers. You will need to register on this
site which is absolutely free. Based on your choice the site will give you
recommendation and also the price deal available on major sites like Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc. You can also login to the site and look for all the free ebooks.bookbub



2. Amazon, Who doesn’t know about amazon. Just login to Amazon and search for “free eBooks”. There are lots of eBooks which are “0” value. You will need to order using your credit card information however as the value is “0” there will be no charge to your credit card. To read the books you will need kindle app, which again is a free download from amazon site. amazon-book





3. Barnes & noble, the online book store has tons of free novel to read.
Similar to amazon login and create you account, search for ebooks and voila you have the book with you. To read the books you will need nook app which again is a free download from Banes&noble site.B&N





4. wattpad, This is a story sharing platform quite famous with the younger
crowd. Again you can read online on the site or download the app on your smart phones.wattpad


5. Netgalley- If you are a seasoned reader and write reviews of the book. This site is for you. Here you can request books which are not yet published. The publisher looks at your request and based on your book previous reviews will give you eBooks to read and to provide your reviews for the book. You will need to provide honest reviews.netgalley




and finally if you are avid reader you already know about goodreads.

6. Goodreads- this is an awesome site to read about books and their reviews. This is not a site to get free book but then if you are lucky you can get a giveaway. i am still waiting for mine. goodreads

This free books have introduced me to so many new authors and genres which otherwise i wouldn’t have tried. Now many of the authors have become my

please note this is my opinion and none of the mentioned site has paid me for the information.


2 thoughts on “5 ways to get books FREE

  1. Lots of free books at Smashwords.com.

    Just go to the main site, pick the genres you want and select the “free” tab at the top. Some books are Epub only but others are offered in multiple formats (Epub, mobi for Kindle, PDF, plain text, read online, etc.)


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