Scenic beauty with strenous hike – Amicalola falls

I recently moved to Atlanta, GEORGIA. The first thing here hits you is SO MANY TREES, specially if you are coming from TEXAS which is totally flat with few trees far away. Hey by the way i loved TEXAS the flat green was very pleasing to eyes.

So here i am a month old in the city and my wanderlust nature kicked in. On doing some internet research found this place called Amicalola falls “Highest water fall in Georgia”. Not only it boast of the highest fall it also has a pool and strenuous hike. it seriously Sounds like a place for everyone, literally for every age group.
Amicalola ya i know it sounds funny, But it is a beautiful and fun place.

Travel Tips

DSC_0103How do i get there – From Atlanta city it is around 70 miles towards north.
It is an easy relaxing drive on a weekend with very few traffic on the road. Just like a weekend getaway.

when to go – I went in summer and it was lush green and With so many trees you hardly feel the heat. Any time of the year is good to visit the falls
My recommendation is if you are going for a day .. reach there by afternoon, take your lunch -do like a picnic and then go for the fall hike.

what to do – There is lots to do here. As i said in the beginning this place is DSC_0004for everyone. It has nice play area for toddlers, lots of ground for children to run and play, nice green cozy trails for romantic at hearts, a reflecting pool to fish and laze around, easy hike to the base and mid of the fall with a climb of 175 steps, the view here is breath taking and then to satisfy your Adrenalin push the strenuous hike to the top of the fall. It has more that 450 steps and trust me it is really strenuous.


What to take –

Food- My recommendation is to take lunch with you and have on the benches spread across
Camera- you will want to capture the waterfall, It is gorgeous. you can also use your smartphone. I prefer my digital camera.
Water – this is important if you are planning hike.
Fishing rods and things – The reflecting pool has lots of trouts.
what to wear – Nice comfortable cloth, hiking shoes, sunscream if you are going in summer otherwise too right.

Important thing to remember: –
address-Drive to “418 Amicalola Falls Lodge Rd, Dawsonville, GA 30534”
5$ cash, Not important but nice to have. This is the park entrance fee. You can also pay at the visitor center through credit card.
Digital camera with full charged battery and memory card -if you want to do serious photography
Amicalola falls also has a camping ground if you seek adventure and has lodge if you seek comfortable living.

some sites to check out –



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