Review: The Secrets She Kept by Brenda Novak


Rating: 5/5; genre – Suspense Romance

Theme-  prodigal son returns home, sucide/murder, Suspense, secrets, lost love

Only one word “AWESOME”.

I will take sometime to read another book. I want to savor it.

Brenda Novak you really impressed me with the narration. Not for a single moment there was a moment of dullness.

I really felt like the events are happening right before me. Continue reading “Review: The Secrets She Kept by Brenda Novak”


Photowalk – Balloons over Fayette

Another photowalk and it was really fun. Balloons over the fayette is a yearly event. Hot Balloon owners comes from all over Georgia to show case their balloons and everyone gets to go on a ride for a nominal fee.

Lots of food trucks and music for everyone to enjoy. these events are really nice place to practice some of the street photography.

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