Review: Runaway wife by Charlotte Lamb


Rating -3/5; Genre: Romance

Theme- Marriage in trouble, Ambitious Hero, Neglected Heroine takes matters in her hand.

I wanted to read something really lite and picked up this Harlequin romance from the bookshelf. I am reading a Harlequin after  really a long time.. infact after YEARS. and boy it was such a nice read.

this is a book about sexy, arrogant and ambitious Hero (aren’t all Harelequin are) and a sweet, pretty, blond Heroine, whose marriage is on the Rocks. Hero in his ambition to make more and more money/power neglects his poor little rich wife completely and wife takes the matter in her hands. I love that when women are in control in Harlequin romance books

The book starts when “Fran” short for Francesca is putting final touches to lovey dinner she prepared to celebrate their 10th year anniversary. She stays in quaint little countryside. For once she will have a quite, intimate dinner with her super busy husband Oliver. Oliver did promise that he will be on time for the dinner.He is driving from London where he stays for work.
As Fran is getting ready she gets a call that there is an emergency and Oliver had to go personally to handle the situation.. and no surprise he cannot come for the dinner.. oh actually it is the anniversary celebration

So our Poor Little Rich wife, says enough and leaves her husband. No she is not being immature. She infact is tired of waiting for her husband. There is also the next emergency

I loved this story because the Heroine was really strong and sassy. She doesn’t take it as is but fights fair and square.

In Harlequin you do know that there will be an HEA. The author will somehow make both heroine and Hero realize how much they love each other. What is really interesting is how the Author will do this and i loved Charlotte Lamb did it sooooo finely in this book.

going back to the story now… Fran does leave her husband, but what she does made me laugh out loud. She goes to her husband’s company and becomes his Partner’s secretary. we also find out she is not one of this fluffy society wife. She infact helped Oliver and his partner Matt set up the company at initial stages and after having a son had kept herself away from company.

Oliver is furious, knowing that his wife left and became Matt’s secretary.
But then he slowly realizes he has been neglecting his wife. well there is also a reason why he has been keeping himself away from his wife. Wait .. let me not giveaway everything.

Go and read this book. I am sure you will like it if you like old Harlequin story.. which really has a Story.
Enjoy your read and let me know if you also liked just as much as i did.


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