Review: Coming Home by Leslie kelly

13321708Rating 4/5; genre – Romance

Theme: second chance love and secret baby

These small town lost and found love has really a way of capturing your heart. Definitely mine. I loved this book. The characters were believable and likable.

Just like all second chance love stories here too had a huge misunderstanding between Hero and Heroine.

Nicole came back to town after 10 years running when she hears her father had an heart attack and is in hospital and who does she meet in airport… Wyatt her one and only lost love.

You can see the hatred between Nicole and Wyatt strong and yet feel the underlying passion. Both of them feel that they have been cheated by the other and bicker with each other whenever they are in same place. However it is not long that they fall head over heels in lust and fall in bed.

Wait Wyatt still have the surprise of knowing he had a son when both he and Nicole were separated.

I liked how author created the misunderstanding and then cleared it out.


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