About me

sumi-norHi There,
hope you are doing great and so am i..
don’t you think it is always difficult to say something about you.for me it is really scary, whenever i am asked -i just go blank thinking how and where to start.

now going through the same but well lets try ok 🙂

i am Sumita.
Ever since i can remember i have loved stories and story books. when i was kid, one of the school syllabus was a book called “read for pleasure” such an apt name for story book. It was more for improving language but who cares, for me it was story book and i used to devour it the moment it was bought.

I read anything and everything, I love it when apart from having a great story it also describes the location, culture and traditions. It is like learning something new every time you read a book. For me relaxation is having a book and cup of tea. Bliss.

Coming from a small town in India it was really fascinating to learn about places and culture which sort of lead to my next hobby -Travel.

Travel- Obviously when you are reading so much about Eiffel tower, statue of liberty, northern lights etc, how can you not want to see it through your eyes.

Trust me movies, documentaries and pictures do not justify… you need to see them, feel them. However traveling is expensive. I have read and watched enough youtube videos where people claim to travel free and in very low budget. Well not me :-(. I appreciate the guts of these people.
However i have a job which from time to time send me to various locations and that for now is enough but i do want to see the world. Doesn’t everyone 🙂

I love watching something new, something weird, something unique to that place.
someone said “I hate to feel like home when i am abroad” and abide by this statement.

The sentiment of not feeling like home includes not having the food you get back at home lead to my next hobby Food.

I will try any food except crawling items… that means absolute no to bugs/ insects /snakes.. not so adventurous there. But then never say never 🙂

Reading, traveling, food and so many memories how much can a mind really remember you know this lead to my next hobby Photography not the point shoot kind but the real manual mode kind. Earlier when i took pictures and then checked any site for say the same place my pictures used to look so drab and simply disappointing.
So started looking at what i was not doing which these photographers are doing to take these awesome picture and started dribbling with camera, lens, setting, lights etc.

well i started with saying ..don’t know what to say and now i am just going on and on.

Through this blog i want to share books i loved, places i have traveled, food i enjoyed and pictures i took.

Wait its all I, I and I so whats there for you.. so dear reader, i will share the books reviews which hopefully will help you in selecting a book to read. I will share the details of the places, what to expect, unique information, best time to go and what to do and what not to do.
Food – budget restaurants in and around and the food information and last Photography tips. As i started learning photography want to share the same with you so that you can grow your photography skills along with me.

Hope you enjoy.


5 thoughts on “About me

  1. hi good to see your blog, well I am one of the first persons to know about your travel experience, and listen long stories (repeat) every time the places (your travel destination) are flashed on the TV screen, Well all the goodies you get for me compensates it. now since you stay so far. keep updating the blog, i will read through repeatedly. love you and miss you.


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