Night bloom

Night Bloom Yes seriously thats the name of this unique flower. Well actually it is called night-blooming cereus. It is a type of cacti.


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Photowalk – Balloons over Fayette

Another photowalk and it was really fun. Balloons over the fayette is a yearly event. Hot Balloon owners comes from all over Georgia to show case their balloons and everyone gets to go on a ride for a nominal fee.

Lots of food trucks and music for everyone to enjoy. these events are really nice place to practice some of the street photography.

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Scenic beauty with strenous hike – Amicalola falls

I recently moved to Atlanta, GEORGIA. The first thing here hits you is SO MANY TREES, specially if you are coming from TEXAS which is totally flat with few trees far away. Hey by the way i loved TEXAS the flat green was very pleasing to eyes.

So here i am a month old in the city and my wanderlust nature kicked in. On doing some internet research found this place called Amicalola falls “Highest water fall in Georgia”. Not only it boast of the highest fall it also has a pool and strenuous hike. it seriously Sounds like a place for everyone, literally for every age group.
Amicalola ya i know it sounds funny, But it is a beautiful and fun place.

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