Review: At last by Barbara Bretton

21742680Rating -5/5; genre – Romance

small town, childhood love, feuding families and secrets.

All the necessary ingredients for a poignant romantic story. I just devoured it. The booked hooked me from start to end. The only complaint i have that it got over.
This is the first Barbara Bretton book i read and it is not going to be the last.

I loved everything about this book, The storyline, writing style, well developed main characters and the secondary characters. It even had a very capturing prologue. The story is written from both hero and heroine perspective which i simply love.

The story starts when Gracie and Noah are 5 years old. And you know that they will fall in love and breakup eventually because the prologue tells you that Gracie not only left town but also Noah on her wedding day.
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Review: Fooling Around by Noelle Adams

51GmeElCj2L._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_Rating 4.5/5; genre – Romance

Theme- Opposites Attract

Two most opposite character yet so similar.

“i wonder if we’re really as different as we seem. We’re just two sides of the same coin. you don’t know how to make things easy on yourself, and i don’t know how to make things hard”.This line from the books just says it so right.

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Review- A Virgin for Vasquez by Cathy Williams

28815806Rating – 3/5; genre- Romance

Theme- Second Chance/ Rags to Rich/ Revenge

I received the eBook in exchange for an honest review from publisher from

This book has all the themes- second chance romance; Rags to rich and revenge which i love in a romantic book. So this should have been a book i loved,

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Review: Rushing the Goal by Toni Aleo

rushing the goalRating – 4/5; genre- Romance

Theme- Second chance/ sassy and strong heroine

This is the first book i read from Toni Aleo, the author and will definitely not be the last.

It is a second chance romance for both the Hero as well as Heroine.
I like strong woman character in a romance books and well Lucy was strong, sassy and completely loving. Lucy is single mom, loves her daughter and can/ will do anything for her. Continue reading “Review: Rushing the Goal by Toni Aleo”

awesome POHA

DSC_0002Cooking is number one hobby for most of the people,  Not for me…. Never.

My favorite hobby is eating, cooking definitely doesn’t relaxes me, the cleaning after the cooking is so irritating and the time just doesn’t justify.
You spend hours in creating the perfect dish and it takes 5 mins- max 10 mins to finish and many a time there is no appreciation. So not worth it.

Still eating every meal outside is just not an option. So my solution is fast
cooking. Spend as little time as possible in cooking, yet keep it tasty and
well i try …really try it to be healthy.

one of my weekend breakfast delicacy is POHA, it is a simple recipe, few
ingredients as less as 5 and takes 10 mins to cook.

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Sidebarred by Emma Chase review

SidebarredRating – 5/5; genre- contemporary romance

Witty dialog /lots of children/Bossy Hero and Bossier heroine

I read sustained sometime back and louvvvvvvvved the book. Every character in the book was little too quirky, little too cute, too noisy, too smart and just perfect.

So when i saw that there was a novella coming up it was just AWWWWWWWWWWESOME.

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